Tuesday, 26 February 2013


I am aware that it's been a while since I posted any updates. Truth is despite the fact that much has happened I haven't got very much to say. Truth is I don't want to write it down anymore. I'm living it, but I no longer feel like I need to be reading and writing it too.

Adam has been having a tough time these past couple of weeks. We had stopped all treatments completely for ten days, but as of now he's back on some of them. We are looking at possibly getting back out to Grand Rapids sometime in the next fortnight. Possibly. Hopefully.

Sorry for the brevity … please keep our little boy in your thoughts.


  1. Thinking of you xx for want of anything to do to help, I am making donation to neuroblastoma research and will contact friends to do same

  2. Never apologise and never feel you HAVE to update, only if it helps. Thinking of Adam and all of you. Antonialou x

  3. Adam is always in our thoughts...you all are. So sorry the little dude's going through a tough time at the moment. Sending tonnes of love and strength his way...and an extra dose for the rest of you. I only wish we could do something more. xxx