Tuesday, 14 February 2012

29th February ...

That's what you get when a week ago your consultant at the Royal Marsden requests an MRI scan by 20th February. You get an appointment for 29th February. I called the hospital up. There are no available slots before then. None.

So we've gone from a scan in the next "fortnight" when we met our consultant on 3rd February, to a scan in the next "two weeks" when I talked to our consultant on the telephone last week, to a scan a fortnight tomorrow. Not that I can blame our consultant, I had it confirmed to me that the request was made for before the 20th. They just can't do it. Which leaves us in purgatory for at least another two weeks. And despite the more reassuring noises we've heard since returning from Germany, we know what neuroblastoma is capable in the space of just a week or two.

On one hand I don't want to come across as paranoid and irrational for the sake of a few days here or there … and on the other I JUST WANT THE MRI SCAN DONE NOW.

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