Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Another Day …

Another day comes and goes. Adam is still isolated in his lead-lined radiation chamber. Alison is in the 8” x 6” parents sleeping area. I am at the CLIC Sargent House five minutes walk from the hospital. Jacob and Jessica are at home with Nan and Grandad who have been holding the fort for us.

In the next day or two we will all be re-united, though it will be at least another week before Adam and Jake will be sat together on Jake’s bed playing the Xbox, or Adam and Jess are doing battle with intergalactic spies and saving planet earth. We’ve decided to remain up in London until Adam’s radiation level falls below the point at which he can have unrestricted contact with adults; fingers crossed that will be tomorrow. However, it’s a big (in relative terms) step down before he can have unrestricted contact with other children. Trying to get his levels monitored at the Royal Marsden has been a bit of a palaver so we will now bring him back to UCH a week or so after we leave to be re-checked.

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