Sunday, 3 October 2010

UCH - Day Six

Let's hope we don't have to remain at UCH for too much longer. That's not a particular reflection on the medical institution in question, it's just that I am seriously struggling to find anything to report that I haven't already written.

Adam's eating reasonably well, despite the fact that the lack of activity doesn't lend itself to developing much of an appetite. We made the right decision to rent an apartment. There is no doubt whatsoever that nutritionally Adam is a million times better off this way. We're showering him once a day to clean off the radioactive material excreted through his skin, but the water is horrible. There is a such a distinct detergent smell that comes through and I find it quite unpleasant. I have no idea what's been added to the water and I'd rather he didn't shower in it at all really, but we've compromised at once per day. It might mean an extra night (or two) but so be it.

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